My goal was to feel challenged. I wanted to choose a topic that I possessed minimal knowledge about, and to end up being an advocate for that topic. With being only 24 years young, I feel so confused about all the things I see on the news. From police violence, to vandalism, to sexual assault and domestic violence, to even terrorism/terrorist threats. I literally sit and ask myself, “What is going on in the world?” Mind you, never have I pitched my opinion publicly about human rights or politics (not because I didn’t think my opinion mattered, it was just my choice to never be involved in doing so). However, that has changed, which is why you’re reading this. My choice to present this Final Project on women and their everyday double standards has significantly been influenced by advertisements I found online, which tackle sexuality within a movements called Body Policing, Body Shaming, and even Catcalling. My knowledge gained from this class on analyzing [these] everyday texts will now help me explain the audience in which each text speaks to, note a relationship between the text and a social order, and determine the texts rhetorical function, or if it is constitutive matter.


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