Digital Archive: The Everyday Texts of the “Suggested Posts” on Facebook.

Any social media website has the intensions of connecting people to other people. Whether that’d be through direct communication of family and friends through Facebook, or people who look for long-lost relatives that have been separated at one point in time. I remember listening to a Ted Talk a few months back that described how Facebook ads really work; I believe it to happen like so: your internet browser tracks what webpages you’ve been searching lately, then they post ads that directly relate to recent searches. For this Digital Archive, I chose to present everyday texts/ads on Facebook that are “Suggested” to/towards me. This assignment wasn’t too difficult, because oddly enough (and unrelated, too), I have been keeping a log of some of the “Suggested Posts” I see on Facebook because they are so odd, and sometimes too weirdly related to me.

All of the digital texts I have chosen to include are supported by Stillar’s theory on how everyday texts are symbolic and are analyzed in a social context i.e., the aim to increase the relationship between the consumer and the marketer. He states that the “symbolic act is the material with which we play out our motives, our interests and our stance in relation to others and ourselves” (pg. 5).











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