The Social Conscience.

With the warm weather approaching people feel particularly compelled to body shame. Body shaming, similar to Body Policing, is merely judging, or putting someone down because of his or her body type (Body Shaming, 2014). Writer Whitney Yip (n.d.) from The Social Conscience posted an advice column titled, “Body Safety Education: Healing Your Own Story”, in which she included this image below. The Social Conscience is a website that explores topics of injustice and current social issues.


I am unsure if this is an original image by Yip, or if she was in my position and came across it by searching on the web. Either way this text says something. With a particularly comedic digital format, this image draws the reader in by the large bold font, which is informative on how to obtain a “beach bod”. Slightly under the subject line, are two instructional lines, which are very straightforward to earing a “beach body”; that being to (1) obtain a body, then (2) travel/place oneself on the beach. The image itself is very asymmetrical, which I think is done on purpose; it portrays a very unrealistic, nearly unnatural body shape that is not typically seen in real life i.e., a square torso. In addition, the torso’s proportion to the legs are also unnatural, the breasts are different sizes and not perky, and it seems to be that the legs are exposed as unshaven. In specific, this text speaks to not only people who are frequently visiting the page, but also the population who has been body shamed before. Because this is a fictional image, I actually believe it challenges the social order more than Hollis’ because it offers more area of critique; that being unshaven legs, and asymmetrical breasts.


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