The Evolving Human and Defining “Body Policing”.

Science has shown us that the world is evolving, and the people who create the world are evolving too (Shute, 2008). Whether it’d be through body types/sizes, to fashion and jewelry, there is a large variety of people who make up the human population. For some further insight on the evolving body shape throughout history, take a brief look at the YouTube video below posted by Buzzfeed (2015).

I try to keep a positive attitude when I think about the general life occurrences, even if it happens to be some of those terrible things I mentioned earlier that I see on the news. However, if it weren’t for an inappropriate person(s) to critique another person so much (or a woman, in this case), in order to generate a specific name like Body Policing, then I wouldn’t be here writing this. According to Urban Dictionary (Body Policing, 2012), Body Policing is defined, as, “the informal practice of policing one’s physical appearance because it does not conform to social norms, or is not deemed appropriate for a particular setting Personal preference and attraction do not necessarily qualify as body policing”.


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