Rachel Hollis and “The Mombod”.

Before I get into the analysis of Body Policing texts themselves, I find it appropriate to review a positive reaction, or a failed attempt at Body Policing. In recent news, blogger Rachel Hollis from The Chic Site (2015) nearly broke the Internet with her bikini-post on March 21st of this year.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.06.48 AM

Since then, she has largely adapted the popular movement, Mombod. According to a variety of resources like Buzzfeed (Parker, 2015) and Huffington (Bahadur, 2015) Post, Mombod is learning to embrace yourself, and having confidence in yourself especially after a women has given birth, whether recently or in the past. The Mombod movement shows women that their bodies might not convert back to “normal” before pregnancy, but that is still more than acceptable. A Mombod shows pride in being able to be responsible for another form of life, and most importantly, a Mombod has variety; there is no single correct body shape-reference for a Mombod. If you carried a child, you have a Mombod, whether you choose to flaunt it or not. However, it is people like Rachael who have significantly influenced how women feel about their post pregnancy bodies.

Rachel ‘s post is beautifully written. It includes enough of personal experience and detail, as well as encouragement and influence. Her repetitive language of “I wear a bikini” after almost every sentence shows her personal confidence in addition to the tasks she encounters (as being very general) yet still allowing her to… wear a bikini. At first I would argue that this text targets those who are Mothers, whether new or old, and also targets those who may struggle with low self-esteem. However, I see how this text might be applied to any woman, even one whom isn’t a mother and is perhaps battling with being overweight or have recently lost weight and still have similar body features to a woman who has just given birth. Within reading the very first sentence of Rachel’s post, I can agree that this text certainly challenges the current social order. This is represented through again, the repetitive language of what she does that allows her to wear a bikini (i.e., anything and everything). All in all, if not said already, the purpose of this text is to inform; to boost confidence, and to let women know that there is no reason why she can’t wear a bikini.


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